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What is the warranty on Electrical Muscle Stimulators?
Consumer products have a warranty of two years.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
If you are not satisfied with your product, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, except for consumable accessories such as the pads.

How long do the pads last with and without conductivity gel?
Average duration without gel is anywhere between 10-30 times, depending how you treat them and how clean (from oil-skin) your skin is. There have been users claiming they were using the same the whole year just putting a drop of water on the skin before placement. Gel lengthens duration ad infinitum.

What kind of replacement pads does it use? Can I use generic electrode pads?
Pads are the standard used in the industry; any brand will fit. You can buy replacements from us as well.

Do I buy a replacement pad set double input, single input large or single input small?
Larger pads usually increase comfort. However, smaller pads are needed where there is less surface available for contact with the muscle underneath. Double input pads make for a faster setup on muscles such as the quadriceps, but the stimulation may end up being less precise. Look at the many videos for various types of pad placement.

What is the charger situation? I see it says 120V so do I have to buy a converter if I intend to use the unit in Europe over the summer for example?
For short trips one alternative is to purchase a car charger. For longer stays one European voltage charger can be shipped from the main sales office in Italy.

What shipping options are there?
Shipping options are visible at the purchase page.

I'm comparing between your Sport model and Compex's Elite model, how comparable are programs on each one?
Compex is a good brand. Globus products tend to have more features, give a stronger contractions, and overall have more programs that address specific needs of sports people.

Can I upgrade from the Premium Sport to the SpeedCoach model?
One can upgrade from any Premium model to the corresponding SpeedCoach model at any time.

Can you work both the hamstrings and the quads on one leg at the same time?
Some athletic trainers recommend against working agonist and antagonist muscles at the same time. However, most agonist-antagonist muscle groups work naturally in the body at the same time. Therefore simultaneous EMS on these muscles would not create particular problems.