EMS - Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Sport Training
Recover in minutes, not days ...
Join the ranks of serious cycling sportsmen, triathletes and sport professionals who use electrostimulation to complement their training. 


Coach Al Vermeil Uses Globus

From my own personal experience...I just ran the NYC marathon on Nov 4th. .... when I got back to my hotel, I did active recovery* on my hamstrings, calves, and quads. By the time I left the hotel at 7pm that night, my legs were feeling great. ... I'm already back to running normally within the week after. All my other marathons I would have been out of running for at least 2 weeks! - Dustin -11/15/2007
from the former Hammer Nutrition sponsored Yahoo! User Forum on Electrostimulation Training
* (Active Recovery is one of the 11 training programs available on the Globus Premium Sport electro-stimulator). More testimonials.

The Science Behind It
We know that muscle is not 100% active when doing voluntary exercise, which is a fact proven by sport scientists.

The Science of Sport - May 2, 2008
... if someone is doing a maximal 5 second contraction, and you stimulate the muscle using an electric current, the force can go up, so clearly what the person thought was "everything" was actually still sub-maximal! - Fatigue and Exercise - by Ross Tucker, Ph.D. Exercise Physiology.

Voluntary muscle contractions are controlled by the brain, which sends electrical impulses through the nerves that innervate a particular muscle. Electro-Muscle-Stimulation, or EMS (aka Electromyostimulation in medical terms) uses electrical impulses, acting on the same motoneurons and nerve terminals utilized by the brain, to contract muscles in a manner similar to voluntary contraction. EMS allows to fine tune muscles toward  the development of force, endurance, and faster recovery from sport performance and muscle soreness. More details ...