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  • XTri.com - Training for the Toughman Half Triathlon (with a little help from EMS) - 8/2/11
    Pro Alex McDonald shares tips on how to incorporate EMS in half triathlon training with interviewer Paul Tyler
    Rev3 Race Recap: Taking the Punishment with a Smile at Quassy - 6/7/2011
    Globus Helps Recover after a taxing race, by Paul Tyler
    Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulators and Athletic Performance - 2/3/2011
    McDonald, MD,  pro Triathlete and Globus user reviews the scientific literature on EMS.

  • Runner'sWorld - The Evidence not to take NSAIDS - 4/20/2010
    Reply to article from AllieRN, Globus user.

  • The Running World According to Dean
    Hands-on, 7-week-trial review of Globus EMS - by coach Dean Hebert
    Electromuscular stimulation and Performance Improvement I - 10/11/09
    Electromuscular stimulation and Performance II - 10/12/09
    EMS and Performance III -10/15/09
    Electromuscular Stimulation Update - 10/26/09
    A Tool to Complement Training, part I - 3/10/10
    Coach got rid of his
    peri-knee tendinitis with EMS, despite his physical therapist.
  • The New York Times
    Marathon Tech Review - Gadgets to Prevent Injury - 9/4/09
    by Danielle Belopotosky
    Electrical Stimulators for Tired Muscles - 9/4/09
    Testimonial by former national class athlete
  • Coach Recommendations - The New York Times
    As a coach that has helped dozens run their first Marathons, ... My top three recommendations are ... training no less than 18 weeks, ... have a plan .... to increase your mileage weekly, ... have support for recovery... and an EMS unit
    Jonathan Siegel, CSCS
  • Football Training Healing - by James Smith - Div.I Assistant S&C Coach
        I have used the device ... primarily as an active recovery mechanism for those who are healthy trainees. Regarding its use post-injury, ... the most memorable was during one of our final preparatory practices for our Bowl Game against Oregon State. One of my wide receivers sustained a minor shoulder subluxation on the field, which was later confirmed to have resulted in a small SLAP tear, just days before the game. I happened to have my Globus unit with me on the field and, before even knowing the imaging details of the injury (obviously no MRI on the field)- after the athletic training staff performed an on-field examination of his shoulder that assured some sort of rotator cuff trauma. I administered 2 consecutive 20 min treatments in the Active Recovery setting.
        The difference in pain and acute 'stiffness' when comparing his state immediately post injury to the 40minutes following the 2 consecutive treatments was remarkable. While he sat out the remainder of practice he did leave the field having full mobility about the shoulder and upon further use of the device over the next 1-2 days he successfully made it through the bowl game. upon returning to PITT he had an an MRI which revealed the small SLAP tear. He and our staff agreed to opt to rehab the shoulder versus having it surgically repaired. He is now operating at 100% and experiencing ZERO symptoms of ever having sustained the labral tear. ... the Globus unit participated in his speedy restoration ... I, intuitively, know that having it on the field with me made a remarkable difference in regards to what would have otherwise occurred relative to the edema and stiffness that typically results in the acute post-injury stage.
    James Smith - Assistant S&C Coach - University of Pittsburgh Division I, Football
  • Running Mechanics  - Video Review - by Derek Hansen
    SpeedEndurance - hosted by Jimson Lee
    "based on my experience with consumer EMS units, you are getting very good value for your dollar with the Globus products. It provides great pre-set programs, with unparalleled flexibility and options at this price-point. If you can afford to invest in a Globus unit, you will not be disappointed. Right now, I feel Globus is leading the consumer market in EMS units. Compex has some newer products that have come out recently that I have not yet sampled. However, Globus has added some features and options that my previous Compex models did not possess.
  • Peloton East - from Steven Goldman's blog.
    The author is a 2006,2007, 2008 New Jersey Masters 35+ State Time Trial Champion 3/4/2008
    ... so i dial it in around 12 to 20ish ... and 20minutes later i'm done. my legs feel good, ... and i got to see who got the axe from Simon Cowell. ... So, today i wake up, legs felt crazy good, ... any correlation? i really am not sure. but yesterday, i was tired and wasted and rode 2 1/2 lite to get recovered.
    ... have 2 hairline fractures in my pelvis...on friday i got wrecked ... weds and thurs i have used that unit... today i'm about as positive about my status, my cycling as ever. ...how much credit can you give the unit by Globus? i dont know. could be minimal, could be the whole shibang.
  • Charlie Francis Forum - Critique this EMS
    Last year, I sparingly used a cheap one similar to the one ... mentioned, but I dreaded using it because the contractions were painful  ...  so I ended up buying a Globus unit to help out. With a higher end unit, the contractions are much more comfortable, they feel more like a "real" contraction compared to a painful burn on the cheap ones. ... another upside to a higher end unit is that they are actually meant for sport training, as opposed to rehab settings for the cheaper ones...
    Forum member KBM
  • Compex / Globus  EMS Endurance - Yahoo User Forum
    Requires Yahoo user name and host's Hammer Nutrition authorization 
    • Message #2275. I was no pro but I sure used my Globus for injury recovery! Hi! I got hit by a truck while biking in Aug 2007 - 5 days before I was supposed to fly to Germany for International Triathlon Union's World Championships. I broke my neck, my spine in 3 places, both wrists and 1 rib, I had a dissected L carotid artery with a large blood clot in it. I was put on Heparin to dissolve the clot (and prevent a massive stroke) but I had a hematoma in my R thigh that led to pre-compartment syndrome and 6 surgeries (fasciotomies) within a one week span. Basically, my quad was roached. They had to split my IT band, too. I was told I may never walk and I definitely would not race triathlon. Well, I did walk and then I eventually got my Globus. I have been using the strength and recovery programs. I have noticed a remarkable improvement. It is almost unbelievable! I only did one tri last year - USAT Nationals - and I qualified for the US Team going to Brisbane, Australia for World Sept. 13, 2009! Pretty cool for someone who was never supposed to walk! Yes, I also did physical therapy and I am careful with my nutrition (I love Hammer Whey for recovery) but I believe my Globus had a HUGE effect on my ability to strenghten, recover and train my right leg to perform again!
      Kathleen Allen, user, May 5, 2009. Read story in the Denver Post.
    • Message #2176. The Globus unit is very intuitive and easy to operate...
      Michael Lewis, user, Jan 21, 2009. 
    • Message #2047. I endured bad health for 7 weeks, where i could not ride my bike. ... During the 7 weeks where I did not ride my bike or exercise my aerobic/anerobic system I continued with Compex trying to maintain what power I had built over the winter... My target for the season had always been the European Masters Track champs...  Prior to my illness ... Globus did reassure me that EMS did work, on that belief I trained hard for 9 weeks and did better than I expected thanks to EMS .
      Ian Humphreys, user, Aug 28, 2008.
    • Message #1526. From my own personal experience...I just ran the NYC marathon ... when I got back to my hotel, I did active recovery on my hamstrings, calves, and quads.  By the time I left the hotel at 7pm that night, my legs were feeling great.  ... This is my first marathon using ... AR (active recovery) during training and after the event.  And I can say this, I'm already back to running normally within the week after.  All my other marathons I would have been out of running for at least 2 weeks!
      Dustin Holmes, user, Nov 15, 2007.
    • Cyclo-Club. Review of Globus for Cycling, posted June 4, 2009. by Graeme Street, former Compex user, cycling pro and exercise physiologist.
    • Electronic Muscle Stimulators - Can They Help Your Workouts?
      by Martha Edwards -
      That's Fit Sep.9, 2009
      The article is not well informed: it likens EMS to stretching.