EMS on the Web
Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Sport Training

Join the ranks of serious cycling sportsmen, triathletes and sport professionals who use electrostimulation to complement their training.

  • Wikipedia on EMS
    A concise article on what EMS is.
  • EMS Endurance
    A forum dedicated to Endurance users of EMS:
    Triathletes, Cycling enthusiasts and Runners. Contains links and documents with periodization and other suggestions.
    Hosted by Hammer Nutrition
  • World Record Weight Lifter - Video
    2nd strongest 242 lb and 275 lb class powerlifter record

    Jeremy Frey Integrates Globus EMS in his Training.
  • Team Lenovo
    Kryki Sports team - sponsored by Lenovo
    use Globus for several athletes.
  • CharlieFrancis.com
    Charlie Francis has trained Olympic athletes with EMS. His forum is dedicated to Sprint and Strength training, with threads and podcasts dedicated to EMS topics.
  • Elite Track - A blog by James Smith, assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for a D1 team, who uses EMS.
  • Running Mechanics
    Site dedicated to all running topics, from sprint to endurance; contains a review of Globus devices and video.
    Muscle Tone Management for Running Performance and Health Management by Derek Hansen
  • SpeedEndurance.com
    Blog site dedicated to running. echoes the Globus review published by Running Mechanics.
  • ExRx Net
    A forum dedicated to exercise, contains an article on EMS.
  • Hammer Nutrition
    Training schedules and other EMS resource by Hammer Nutrition; also click on Related Articles of product page.
  • Pad Placements
    33 Videos of different pad placements by Globus Italia.
  • Leg Press Video
    Pad placement in action for EMS leg press training
    © Gianpaolo Boschetti
  • JDS Sportscoaching video
    A brief introductory video on why JDS uses EMS by Jonathan Siegel
  • EMS Digest - A guide to understand EMS, compiled from a workshop by Gianpaolo Boschetti.
  • T-Nation - A web site dedicated to strength training with a good  article on EMS by Charlie Francis.
  • Racegirl Melanie McQuaid - Website of a triathlon world champion who complements her training with EMS.
  • Endurance Performance - Jim Bruskewitz, world triathlon age-group champion, is an expert on EMS periodization.
  • Grasky Endurance -  Brian Grasky, Triathlete and Mountain Bike racer, who uses and coaches EMS. Offers coaching, training camps, training plans and physiological testing.
  • Coach Al - Lyman, certified triathlon and cycling coach and a user of EMS, offers coaching services (on-line too), planning and clinics.
  • Alex M. McDonald - Triathlete, MD. Website of champion triathlete Alex who uses a Globus Premium (blog and news).
  • Neil Melanson - Web site of a martial art coach who employs EMS.
  • Sport & Fitness Science - Blog of the Head of Sports Science and Research of the British Olympic Association: does not cover EMS but has interesting articles on recovery; also one of the original researchers on Vibration Training (WBV).
  • Christian Thibadeau - Site of body building coach who employs EMS.
  • Jason Selwitz - Page of Mountain Bike racer using Globus.