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Whole-Body Vibration Platform

WBV Research Bibliography and Abstracts

Testimonial on WBV
I must say it brings your training to a whole new level. I did sit ups, tricep dips and push ups on it. At first you are skeptical because all it does it vibrate and it's hard to stay balanced but when you get the hang of it the intensity it brings to the exercise is crazy! I did maybe 20min on it and I was worn out 
Comment #275 — February 15, 2008 by Eric - - Healthy Skeptic... article by Sal Marinello 

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Disclaimer: the comment above does not mention a brand in particular. However, if a machine is reliable, and maintains its vibration characteristics across all variable parameters (time, frequency, load), then WBV becomes a commodity. That is, results about one machine can be extended to other machines.