Other Products

Not only Electrical Muscle Stimulators for Sport Training

Globus produces also Clinical Electrical Stimulators for therapy, Vibrating Platforms, Functional Evaluation systems,  and Volleyball and Soccer shooting machine.

Professional Electrostimulators for Therapy

Hand-Held Genesy 1100

Hand-Held, yet professional, electrostimulators for Rehabilitation (NMES), Pain Alleviation (TENS) and other Therapies including Premodulated, Russian, and Microcurrent. (Download PDF)


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Cabinet-Size Genesy 3000 

Clinical size yet easy to carry around Professional electrostimulator for Rehab (NMES), Pain Therapy (TENS), Premodulated, Russian and Microcurrent therapies.
(Download PDF)

PhysioPlate - Whole-Body Vibration Platform

The vibration of various parts of the body elicits an involuntary stretch reflex on the muscles involved. Medical Research has shown that vibration exercise achieves several results. (Download PDF)




TESys - Total Evaluation System

TESys is a portable functional evaluation system for Sport Functional Assessment comprised of several devices. Each component can perform different analyses on the performance of an athlete. (TESys Modular Components (PDF)

Winshot - Volleyball Shooting Machine - US Site and Pricing

click here for European Site and Videos

Winshot is top dog in volleyball shooting machines: PDF data sheet.

  • No ball damage, yet serves volleyballs up to 87 MPH - Globus Patent
  • Stronger Spins
  • Front and Backrow Attacks
  • Rapid Reps - 40 shots/minute
  • Italian Design - made in the USA

Winshot Beach Volley

  • Maximum portability
  • Battery Powered

EuroGoal, Soccer Pitching Machine

  • EuroGoal kicks soccer balls like a major-league professional player.
  • Train all roles: goal keepers, attackers, defenders, middle fielders.