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Globus Sport and Health Technologies - Exclusive importer and distributor management tel. 860-539-1309 - info@GlobusSHT.com

Creator and Exclusive distributor of the SpeedCoach models for sprinters

Peaks Coaching Group - Hunter Allen

Clever TrainingWeb and Retail Store, 1519 Gulf Blvd, Ste.1, Indian Rock Beach, FL - 727-213-0008

Dr. Rob Benningfield, Chiropractor - Soccer specialist, 704-799-8060 RSBenningField@yahoo.com - Mooresville, NC

HealthCheck Systems Inc. - Web and Retail store in Brooklyn, NY - 888-337-4684

HDO Sport 1-877-Ring-HDO - Cambridge, MA

Health and Sport LLC - Amston, CT - e-mail - 800-305-0951

Pursuit Athletic Performance
Company's mission is to increase running efficiency and speed; uses advanced methods, including gait analysis and EMS
Old Saybrook, CT - 860-943-0031   -   Coach of Ironman Age Group World Champion.

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