Genesy 1100 and 3000

Electrostimulators for Medical Therapy

Genesy 1100 

A hand-held, yet professional, electrostimulator for Rehabilitation (NMES), Pain Alleviation (TENS) and Medical Therapies based on Interferential, Russian and Microcurrent. (Download PDF)

The medical currents offered on the Genesy 1100 are

  • NMES
  •  TENS
  • Premodulated Interferential
  • Russian current
  • Microcurrents
Zoom In - FDA certified, the Genesy 1100 can be sold only to authorized practitioners or with medical prescription.

Genesy 1100 and 1200


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Genesy 3000 

Genesy 3000 and 1100 share the same menu-driven interface to make programming easy. Rapid selection among a library of programs for many different types of treatment, becomes a new tool to give patients rapid and effective treatments, eliminating the dilemma of what protocol to choose. Desktop size, yet portable. Longer lasting batteries.
(Download PDF)

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